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Vanessa G. Sánchez

j o u r n a l i s t 

I'm a bilingual reporter working at the intersection of journalism and health. Currently, I'm a Roy W. Howard fellow at Searchlight New Mexico where I write stories about health policies affecting the well-being of children, women and families in the state and its borders. 

I've written enterprise and investigative stories of issues affecting vulnerable communities including migrant workers and asylum seekers. I was a Bradlee Fellow and intern and The Washington Post where I covered education, local government and politics in the Washington D.C. region. 

At the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism I contributed as an investigative reporter to the award-winning investigations "Printing Hate", "Essential and Expose" and "Mega Billions: The great lottery wealth transfer."

My writing has been featured in The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The Guardian, Searchlight New Mexico, The Baltimore Brew, Capital News Service and El Tiempo Latino.

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